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The Far and Away Project


You are going to host some students from thousands of miles away in your city as part of the Google Kids Congress. Before going over-seas, people often try to work out where they think would be the best places to go and even when is the best time to go. You have to organize a tour of your area - proposing places that you think represent what is great about the place you live.

But there is a twist.

You will be researching the other schools proposed places! - not just writing about things you know! You'll then be working with an expert to fix things you may have gotten wrong, or get them to help you add anything they think you missed - to make the information better - talking to a local hero thousands of miles away!

The rule is that the places you are proposing can be no more than 500 kilometres from your school.

Tools : Wikispaces / Google Maps /Google search engine /the World Wide Web / Google Earth / Google Video / iMovie (or other video application)

The project

Week 1

Remembering, Understanding and Applying your research

In the first week of your project you will:

  1. Post 10 places that you think the other students would want to visit in your area.
  2. Rank them in order of which you think is the number 1 must see to the least. DON'T SHOW THE OTHER GROUP how you've ranked them - just list them on the wiki page in alphabetical order. By each place - put down the name of the person who proposed it from your school
  3. Each student takes one place each from the list that the other school has put on the wiki, and researches it.
  4. Each student then creates one page on the wiki that answers the following questions
    • Where is this place (using a reference link on Google Maps)
    • How far is this from the school?
    • What is the single most important fact you can find about this place?
    • A description of the place using text and images.

5. You must then present your individual research to your group and after discussion RANK the 10 places you've been given from the other school - from most interesting to least interesting.
6. You need to go back to the first wiki page (the one with the 10 places listed alphabetically) and re-organise them from 1 to 10 in order that your group would be interesting.

Week 2

Improving the wiki - Wikipedia - or any wiki - is created and edited by people. A wiki is not like a printed encyclopedia - a wiki can get its mistakes fixed and new information gets added hundreds of times an hour.

For example, in what the other school has found out - chances are - as you live in the area, you can add at least one new fact to it, and probably change something that either wasn't right, or wasn't as good as you think it could be.

Analysing your research

  1. Each student looks at one place (one page) that the other school has put on the wiki about their own area.
  2. In the discussion tab for that page - introduce yourselves and tell them something interesting about yourself.
  3. Have a look at what they have put on the page ... is there anything you think is missing? anything that is wrong? - edit the page - fix anything that is wrong and add anything that you think they've missed.

Evaluating your research

  1. Make a note in the discussion tab of what you have changed and why, so the other person knows.

Creating a video

With your teacher, create a short video in which you need to discuss the following questions

  1. How did your list of 10 place rankings differ from the rankings the other school placed on them?
  2. Compare the the types of places the other school proposed to your 10 places?
  3. What are the big differences between the two lists?
  4. What things got edited?
  5. Explain some of the reasons that things got edited?
  6. Which person from the other school was working on your 'place'?
  7. What did you find out about them?
  8. Did you find any 'common ground' in the types of things your groups proposed?
  9. Comment on the things you learned from doing this project that you think you could not have learned by 'googling' the answer?
  10. Is there anything you can think of that you could now do between the two countries to learn more about each other?

Post your video on Google Video - and then add a link to it in the wiki.

Remember - if you are not sure about something - ask a question on the discussion tab in the wiki! - someone will answer it!

Good Luck.