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East Middle School
4040 Central Avenue
Great Falls, MT 59405

Shelly Fagenstrom
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Mascot Name: Rams
School Colors:
Green and White

East Middle School is right across the street from a popular coffe house called Shulte's. This business is one of the favorite hang outs of both the students and staff. We are also across the street from the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind. Many students at MSDB come over to East for classes in math, reading, history, science, music, and foreign language. Many oppurtunities are offered here at EMS for everyone to take advantage of.

At East, seventh and eighth graders are put on to academic teams. The teams consist of four teachers, one each for math, science, english, and history. There are usually between 100 and 120 students on each team. Classes offered, other than the four core classes, are health enhancement, band, orchestra, choir, art, wood shop, typing, reading, family/consumer sciences, Spanish, German, and French.

Many sports are offered here at East Middle School. In the fall, cross country, girls' basketball, and football are going on. When winter comes, boys' basketball, wrestling, volleyball, and swimming take place. Come spring, students are ready to put on their track shoes. Students love to participate in all of these activities, but the most popular are football, volleyball, and girls' and boys' basketball.

Extra Curriculars
There is also an abundance of clubs at EMS. Clubs offered are chess club, scrapbooking club, sign language club, sports club, DC club (students go on a trip to a trip to Washigton DC come June), knitting club, and many more.