A photograph of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset.
A photograph of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset.

This is Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia. The bridge first opened on March 19, 1932. Instead of cutting the ribbon, The New Guard slashed the ribbon with his sword.

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Length of arch span

503 metres

Height of top of arch

134 metres above mean sea level

Height to top of aircraft beacon

141 metres above mean sea level

Width of deck

49 metres

Clearance for shipping

49 metres

Height of pylons

89 metres above mean sea level

Base of each abutment tower

68 metres across and 48 metres long (two pylons rest on each abutment tower)

Total length of bridge

1149 metres including approach spans

Bearing pins

Each of the four pins measures 4.2 metres long and 368 millimetres in diameter

Thrust on bearings

Under maximum load approximately 20,000 tonnes on each bearing

Number of rivets

Approximately 6,000,000

Largest rivet

Weighed 3.5 kilograms and was 395 millimetres long

Longest hanger

58.8 metres

Shortest hanger

7.3 metres

Total weight of steelwork

52,800 tonnes including arch and mild steel approach spans

Weight of arch

39,000 tonnes

Rock excavated for foundations

122,000 cubic metres

Concrete used for bridge

95,000 cubic metres

Granite facing used on pylons and piers

17,000 cubic metres

Allowance for deck expansion

420 millimetres

Allowance for arch expansion

The arch may rise or fall 18 centimetres due to heating or cooling

Number of panels in arch

28, each 18.28 metres wide

Record tonnage erected

589 tonnes of steelwork was erected on the arch in one day on 26 November 1929

Paint required

272,000 litres of paint were required to give the Bridge its initial three coats