If you want to look at our school ... click here ... to see the Google Map. If you turn on the terrain tab, you zoom in. It looks like we are all at a swimming carnival the day the satellite flew over. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from our school into 'the city'. Parramatta is a city in itself. How many people live around Parramatta? I don't know, maybe you can fix this up for me.

Our school is the oldest Catholic school in Australia opened in 1820. How long ago was that?

It has been run by the Marist Brothers for a long time. The Brothers originally started educating kids in France, just after the French Revolution (again not sure when that was). Our school principal is called Brother Patrick, and thats what we all call him. He gets kinda cross if you call him anything else.

Parramatta Eels are our local Rugby League Club, and the players use our school to train most days. Maybe you can watch some League on YouTube here. You can also convert YouTube video to keep using this. Theres no difference between League and American Football as far as I can see.

Parramatta is the capital of Australia.

May famous people have been to our school, including Kylie Minogue (Singer), Mel Gibson (actor) and Nathan Cayless (Eels Captain).

If you can add to this page about or school, or fix up some of the things I don't know it would be great!.