Wikispaces Permission Letter
Dear Parents and/or Guardians:

In an effort to increase our student’s ability to work collaboratively on writing and research projects, we would will be using a free application called Wikispaces.
A “wiki” is a website that is editable by anyone. The phenomenon caused by websites like the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, provides students and educators alike the opportunity to collaborate and share information on certain subjects. Students will use Wikispaces to work collaboratively on all aspects of a group project. Wikispaces is a safe, teacher-controlled environment where only those people invited can edit the information, and no personal information will be shared with readers of the page.
Federal law requires that students under the age of 15 have parental permission to submit any information to a website. The students can submit your email address, or their own, or we can create a non-email username account. The benefit of using your email address is that you will be made aware of any changes that occur in their documents and can always have access to what they are working on; however, you will also be invited into any of the documents or wikis that they are a part of. If the students use their own email address, they will be able to access the site without first going into your email account to retrieve the invitation.
Once they are members of, they have the ability to participate in any public Wikispace, and their access will not be limited to their teacher’s pages. As with any other online pursuit, your involvement in their work is beneficial to their development as an informed user of the internet. Please check out the amazing work some of our other classes have done using Wikispaces, and also follow the work that your son or daughter is doing. It is all very exciting! Here are two examples for you to take a look at:
Please complete the form below and have your child return it to his or her classroom teacher as soon as possible. If you should have any questions regarding the application, its potential uses, or anything other, please don’t hesitate to contact me at.

Best Regards

Mr. Jeff Agamenoni

268-6515 (W)

I allow/do not allow my child to use Wikispaces to participate