Sydney's population is 3, 536, 000 people
Sydney is one of the largest cities in its land size. It reaches across 1580 square kilometres. This is the same as London and more than double New York's 780 square kilometres. Amsterdam is 167 square kilometres, and Paris is a mere 105 square kilometres. There are 1, 426, 266 dwellings in Sydney.
Sydney Sunshine
Sydney has no sunshine only 23 days a year.
Learn these Australian slang words and phrases and you’ll fit right in!
  1. Arvo – Afternoon
  2. Barbie – Barbecue
  3. Brekkie - breakfast
  4. Cab Sav – Cabernet Sauvignon
  5. Corker – something excellent
  6. Cozzie – swimming costume
  7. Coathanger – Sydney Harbour Bridge
  8. Coldie/Amber fluid – A beer
  9. Fair dinkum – true, genuine
  10. Flat out like a lizard drinking – very busy
  11. Hit the frog and toad – Hit the road, leave, usually said by a visitor when they are ready to go.
  12. Pav - Pavlova; a rich, creamy Australian dessert
  13. Snag – sausage (“Throw another snag on the barbie”)
  14. She’ll be right - it’ll turn out okay
  15. Sunnies – pair of sunglasses
  16. Thongs – casual footwear/flip-flops

external image sydney1.jpgsydney beach isn't it so pretty
external image photo_lg_sydney.jpg This is so beautiful and i would love to go to sydney when i am able to travel there sometime when i am older and meet new people who are really nice to me and meet new friends there and it is always good to go to new places and explore.